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Video Placement Application

Stay Connected with Global players
Display your Students Skill Visually
Stay ahead of the competition

  • Enabling Colleges to increase their placement ratios
  • An Effective tool for College Students to display their skills
  • Inbuilt with Digital Database Management for College Admins
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Video Testimonial Application

Be Authentic, Be Creative, Be Positive
It's best to let the Public do the talking
Increase your Business Reputation

  • What’s the Good Word?...Make Your Customers share interesting reviews
  • Target Wider Audiences by increasing your Presence in the Digital Market
  • Get emotional responses than weird one-liners or soundbites.
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Video Resume Portal

Increasing Your Online Presence…
Unlimited Job Sharing and Assistance!
Become an Effective Hirer with Digiclip

  • Introducing a new age Online Recruitment Portal connecting You Globally…!
  • An Effective Time-Managing Job Portal…Cheap, Simple, Easy
  • A unique approach to Job Applying…make you stand out among a host of applicants
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